Our Crew

As part of the process of conceiving innovative energy-related products, ERD seeks to maximize the power and responsibility of everyone involved in the process, giving each direct responsibility for carrying out his or her respective task. We like to think of our organization as similar to the crew of Star Trek. Each crewmember has the freedom to act with autonomy to solve problems, but also has the responsibility to check with others to make sure we are coordinating our actions and not breaching the resource budget. Because we are working on very complex problems with multiple solutions, open and spontaneous discussions are essential for a rich interplay of ideas. (As a historical note, this was research management philosophy that motivated the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos during World War II). In addition, it is also essential to be informed of the latest development in fuel cell technology. Thus, we have an alert service on fuel cell news and subscribe to various newsletters as well as attend trade meetings, all as part of the essential information gathering process.

Standing Left to Right: Bob Hockaday, Mary Hockaday, and Katie Hockaday

If you think you'd like to be part of the ERD crew, please send your resume to:

Robert Hockaday
Energy Related Devices, Inc.
10275 State Hwy 104
Tucumcari NM 88401-9315

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To contact Energy Related Devices, please call (575)-461-9814

Energy Related Devices, Inc. 10275 State Hwy 104,Tucumcari NM 88401-9315
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