BugBling Spatial Mosquito Repellent From Micro-Fuel Cells

Energy Related Devices (ERD) created BugBling™ a significantly more effective and less expensive, wearable, spatial mosquito repellent system with no skin exposure and no mechanical disbursement from the fueling system of Micro-Fuel Cells. All mosquito repellents work by interfering with a mosquito's keen sense of smell. BugBling™ is distinguished from competing products because it consistently diffuses the repellent to surround the user in an armor of odor for up to 800 hours with no deterioration of efficacy. And, because there is no skin contact it is safe for pregnant women and children.

The synergistic combination of repellents in BugBling™ have been independently tested at New Mexico State University and verified to be three times more effective than the top-selling wearable mosquito repellent products, Off Clip On™ and Invisaband™. We use a combination of the most effective chemical and botanical repellents, a stabilizing buffer compound, and membrane technology to deliver a steady effective repellency (US Patent 7,988,984 & Application 62/312,498). The membrane technology is inexpensive which means we can produce repellent bands at a fraction of the cost of current market leader products. The technology is easily scalable to mass production.

The delivery technology is flexible to a wide range of wearable products such as a Portal design for wristbands, clip-on products for belt, hat or shoes and pendants. Coupled with a tightly reclosing pouch and high capacity scent reservoirs, the BugBling can be stored for years with little loss of operational life.

BugBling™ Elite is a slap band styled wrist band similar to an exercise watch band.

BugBling™ Basic is a printable, disposable, porous plastic to meet the less affluent and disease intervention markets. We anticipate follow-on products such as repellent ornaments, entrance floor mats and attraction traps as well as products for the pet and livestock markets.

BugZing™ Botanical uses all plant essential oils. We deliver the same kind of steady protection performance but with the effective botanical oils (DEET free). With our membranes we have the ability to adjust scent levels. So we can utilize the effective botanical repellents oils without their strong odor. For more information, Please visit BugZing Website

Above figure shows Efficacy Comparison. Percent of mosquitoes in each treatment that were attracted to the volunteer (Commercially Available Wrist Band is Invisaband and Commercially Available Diffuser is Off! Clip on) (From Dr. Immo Hansen, NMSU, 2015). The repellent efficacy of two BugBling prototypes were tested on Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. The active ingredients in prototype 1 were DEET and Citronella (1: 0.9). The active ingredients in prototype 2 were DEET and Lemon Eucalyptus (1: 0.9). The prototypes were constructed by the inventor and provided to the experimenter. To emulate a more natural setting, we tested both of the prototypes in a wind tunnel setting using a taxis cage. Here are some links to the reference materials

BiomedCentral Brochure

NewsCenter Article for Reference





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