Publications and Patents

Relevant Publications
Hockaday R., D. Grimmer, R. Schoenmackers, and V. Risser, Fuel Cells for Photovoltaic Systems Applications, New Mexico Solar Energy Institute, Box 3 Sol, Las Cruces, NM. 88003, 1984.
Hockaday, R., Development and Modeling of the Homoporous Electrode Fuel Cell, Masters Thesis, New Mexico State University, 1984.
Wired magazine
Scientific American

In its relationship with several other companies, Energy Related Devices develops and writes the patents and assigns or licenses the patents for commercial development with a royalty arrangement or equity ownership. ERD has made the decision that it is best to patent and then publicize. Therefore, research and development patents are filed before publicity is released. ERD has used a patent law firm for 27 years.

Intellectual Property
Intellectual property transferred to Manhattan Scientifics, Inc. and obtained by Energy Related Devices, Inc.:

US Patent No. 4,673,624, Fuel Cell, June 16, 1987. Improvement patents pending.
US Patent No. 5,482,568, Micro Mirror Photovoltaic Cells, Jan. 9, 1996.
US Patent No. 5,631,099, Surface Replica Fuel Cell, May 20, 1997.
US Patent No. 5,759,712, Surface Replica Fuel Cell with Power Pack, June 2, 1998.
US Patent No. 6,194,095, Non-Bipolar Fuel Cell Stack Configuration, Feb. 27, 2001.
US Patent No. 6,326,097, Micro-Fuel Cell Power Devices, Dec. 4, 2001.
US Patent No. 6,544,400 B2, Portable Chemical Hydrogen Hydride System, April 8, 2003.
US Patent No. 6,630,266 B2, Diffusion Fuel Ampoules for Fuel Cells, Oct. 7, 2003.

Intellectual property solely owned and developed by Energy Related Devices Inc.:

US Patent Number US 8,013,238 B2 :Micro Concentrator Elastically Coupled With Spherical Photovoltaic Cells” PCT in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Australia and Europe. Filed July 9, 2007

US Patent Number: 8,053,663 “Panel-shaped semiconductor module” (spherical cell version) PCT in EU, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Australia and Europe. Filed July 9, 2007 issued Co- owned by Spherlar Power Co.

US Patent Number: 7,910,947 “Panel-shaped semiconductor module” (the rod version) Filed July 4, 2006 Issued: March 22, 2011, co-owned by Sphelar Power..

US Patent 8,537,554 B1 “Structured Relief Dielectric Heat Sink for Planar Photovoltaic Cells and Semiconductor Devices” Issued: Sept 17, 2013, Filed May 15, 2009.

US Provisional Patent Application No. 61/807,422 “Photovoltaic Module Mounting to Rubber Tires”.

US Patent Application No. 60/765,607 “Laminate Actuators and Valves” Filed Filed Februay 6, 2006. Issued: 2013

US Patent Application No. 12/321,891 “Helmet and Body Armor Actuated Ventilation and Heat Pipes” filed: January 24, 2008. US Patent No. 8,156,570 “Helmet and Body Armor Actuated Ventilation and Heat Pipes” filed: January 24, 2008. Issued: April 17, 2012".

US patent 6,953,637 B2 “Catalytic Hydrogen Vent Filter for Batteries” Filed Jun 1, 2001 Issued Oct 11, 2005 Entirely available for license.".

Intellectual property developed by Energy Related Devices Inc.:

Licensed to Arena Industries LLC (California, USA)

US 6,772,448 B1 "Anti Fogging Goggles" Issued August 10, 2004

US 6,994,433 "Electrostatic Filtered Eyewear" Issued: February 7,2006.

US Utility Patent Application 11/036388 "Animal Skin and Eye Moisture and Heat Simulator"

Japan Patent No. 4,220,386, Membrane Catalytic Heaters, Nov 21,2008  Licensed and assigned to Mihama Corporation, Japan
US Patent No. 7,988,984 Insect Repellant and Attractant and Auto-thermostatic embrane Vapor Control Delivery System” Patent application also in Japan PCT/US06/19323 Filed: May 18, 2006 Issued: August 2, 2011.  Assigned to Mihama Corporation with 50:50 license
Licensed to Vacca Inc.(USA), SCA Mihama Corporation, and ThermoSafe Inc.US Utility Patent 7,708,553 B2 Membrane Catalytic Heater. May 4 ,2010. US patent application No 12/647,834 for Vacca Inc. “Jet Cataltytic Heater” Filed December 28, 2009 , Issued: 2013

Assigned to Permacharge Corporation (Albuquerque, NM).

US Patent 5,904,985 “Electret film composition adapted for printing on computer printers and the like” Filed: December 9, 1997, Issued May 18, 1999.

US Patent 5,759,712 “Electret film composition adapted for printing on inkjet printers and the like” Issued June 1998

US patent Application No. 411248” Subsonic and Stationary Ramjet Engines” Rufus Clay, for and assigned to Amicable Inventions.


MicroFuelTM Cell
Always OnR - Registration No. 2791660, Serial No. 75/803035 is a registered trademark
Black Tip Serial number – 77763827.




A. Air Electrode Contact Rivet

B. Fuel Needle

C. Rivet Fold Out

D. Upper Gasket Ring

E. Lower Gasket Ring

F. Through Contacts

G. First Set of Fuel Cells

H. Fuel Manifold

I. Second Set of Fuel Cells

J. Air Manifold

K. Air Electrodes

L. Fuel Electrodes

M. Contact Washer





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