Business Relationship

Energy Related Devices Inc (ERD) is fundamentally a science and engineering organization. Sometimes in larger R & D organizations, resources allocated for a project never arrive due to diversions within the organization. And, in a comparable situation, well-engineered products are developed that do not meet commercial need. (ERD) is a partner and contractor for several companies, but we also investigate and develop a variety of independent projects and ideas. Technology is changing at a rapid and exciting rate. ERD's strengths are flexible and creative, enabling us to respond to new opportunities as they arise.

Independent Projects

-- Mosquito Attractants and Repellants

--Catalytic Filter Batteries Vents

Relationships with Other Companies

Energy Related Devices has license agreements, partnerships, or joint ownerships with several companies including:

-- Mihama Corporation, Japan

-- Vacca Inc., USA

-- Horizon Fuel Cell, Singapore

-- Arena Industries LLC, USA

--eQsolaris Inc., USA

--ProPower Co ,Ltd ,Korea

For proprietary reasons several other licensees have not been listed.

Other Project Partners

--New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NM Tech) Energy Fuel Cell Car Kit: Created through a grant from NM Tech (Socorro, New Mexico), and the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department JPA #06-521-0300-0211, Administered by Don Weinkoff at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.



Above, right: Standing Left to Right:Heathcliff Vaz, Pat Turner, Carlos Navas. Marc DeJohn and Bob Hockaday
Center: Anne Hawes and Zack Bradford





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