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Energy Related Devices is Dedicated to Solving Problems

An Existential Threat–At this Time Human kind and life on this planet has reached the point where our activities are threating the ecosystem and temperature equilibrium of the planet.  It is expected that one third of animal species will become extinct within 50 years.(Ref.)

We have generally known about this problem for roughly 100 years.  The first hard evidence alarms were sent out more than 30 years ago by scientists (Hansen, director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, warned the US Congress in 1988 that human-induced global warming was already underway and ‘may have important implications other than for human comfort’.)  Now it is becoming very obvious, that it is impact all of us, and is becoming very predictable.

There are many possible solutions that we know of ranging from stopping all fossil fuel use combined with creating high altitude particulates to counter act the effects of existing imbalance of greenhouse gases.  The list of solutions is long and well as the side effects.

In the 1970s (middle school and high school) Robert Hockaday, ERD’s founder,  took the first steps of creating higher efficiency and renewable energy systems with Aquaculture Science fair projects and fuel cells to test the laws of thermodynamics.  His friends were experimenting with a self contained biosphere using algae as the oxygen and food generator for mice occupants.  “The message I would like to convey is that we were experimenting with the fundamental science and components that can and will be needed to solve the global temperature rise, ecosystem destruction, and human civilization breakdowns.   We started by making little incremental discoveries and inventions that can enable regenerative solutions.”